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Picture of T8 SMD LED Tube light G13 8-22 Watt

T8 SMD LED Tube light G13 8-22 Watt

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T8 LED Tube lights are the perfect replacement for every T8 fluorescent light tubes in your business, office, or warehouse. The bulb lasts extremely long time, contains no harmful mercury, and produces little heat. This results in drastically reduced maintenance, energy, and cooling cost.
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With up-to-the-minute Surface Mounted Device (SMD) , internal driver technology and excellent heatsink design, our T8 LED Tube lights outshine the competition. 

Main Features

  • Best-in-class brightness
  • Better heat profile - runs cooler and is less affected by external heat
  • Mechanical stability
  • Mind-blowing lifespan ~ over 50,000 hours! (We put our money where our mouth is, with a 3-year warranty)
  • Slots straight into T8 brackets (G13 bi-pin lamp holder) – plug-and-play, just bypass or remove ballasts / starters (average installation time: 4 minutes per fixture)
  • Enjoy a 2/3 reduction in electricity when retrofitting standard fluorescent tubes
  • Contains no harmful lead or mercury
  • Housed in aluminum alloy with an acrylic cover, our LED T8 tubes are built with a dedicated on-board driver, which helps to ensure years of reliable use.
  • Focused, directional light. Why keep lighting the ceiling?
  T8 2ft 8W T8 2ft 10W T8 3ft 12W T8 4ft 15W T8 4ft 20W T8 5ft 18W T8 4ft 22W
Length  2ft (0.6m)  2ft (0.6m)  3ft (0.9m)  4ft (1.2m)  4ft (1.2m)  5ft (1.5m)  5ft (1.5m)
Power Consumption  8  10  12  15  20  18  22
Number of LEDs  120 162   180  240  324  300  432
Diameter  26  30 26  26  30  26  30
Lampshade & Housing PC & Aluminum Alloy
Input Voltage AC85~165V or AC 165~265V 
LED Type SMD(3528) 
Lumious Flux  500~800  750~950  800~1100  1100~1500  1400~1800  1500~1800  1700~2200
Color Temperature WW:3000~4500K, NW: 5000~6500K, CW: 7000+K
Color Rendering Index (CRI) 83
Socket G13 bi-pin lamp holder
Working Temperature -30°C ~ +40°C


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