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Photovoltaic Solar Panel Database

Finding an index of all the world's solar panels can be quite difficult. Although a lot of information can be retrieved, it is still a lot of work to bring it all together. This database is a unique central repository of in-depth information on non-concentrating photovoltaic panels commercially available in the global market. It provides information about solar panel performance, characteristics, warranty terms and certifications, including the dataset required by the European Standard EN 50380: "Datasheet and nameplate information for photovoltaic modules". Manufacturer original datasheet, installation manuals, scanned certificate images, product white papers, warranty documents, product brochures, etc. may also be listed as additional information sources.

Visitors, especially solar professionals can find complete information about particular models for apple-to-apple comparisons, purchasing decision making, and engineering design references in one central place, saving you a lot of data collection and calculation time. Using the database, you can also

  • generate solar panel comparing report in PDF format
  • request a sales quote from local and/or global suppliers

Browse by manufacturers, pv cell types, or complete list

Handy comparisons (PDF) for companies compliant with the American Reconstruction and Reinvestment Act (ARRA): 215-220 Watts, 230 Watts, 235 Watts