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Picture of Solarfun SF220-30-P230 230Watt 24V Polycrystalline Panel

Solarfun SF220-30-P230 230Watt 24V Polycrystalline Panel

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Solarfun SF220-30-P230 230Watt 24V Polycrystalline Panels is priced at $2.15/W CIF Europe & USA

MOQ one container, 442 panels 101,660 Watts. Out of stock

Sale Price $2.15 (USD)
Electrical Characteristics
STC Power Rating Pmp (W) 230
PTC Power Rating Pmpp (W) 207.6
PTC/STC Power Ratio 90.3%
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V) 36.8
Short Circuit Current Isc (A) 8.34
Voltage at Maximim Power Vmp (V) 30.0
Current at Maximim Power Imp (A) 7.67
Panel Efficiency 13.9%
Fill Factor 74.9%
Power Tolerance -3.00% ~ 3.00%
Maximum System Voltage Vmax (V) 1000
Maximum Series Fuse Rating (A)
Temperature Coefficients
Temperature Coefficiency of Isc 0.040 %/ºC
Temperature Coefficiency of Voc -0.34 %/ºC
Temperature Coefficiency of Pmp -0.45 %/ºC
Mechanical Characteristics
Cell Type Polycrystalline Cell
Cell Size(mm) 156 × 156
Cells 6 × 10
Dimensions 1652.0 × 1000.0 × 50.0mm (39.4 × 65.0 × 2.0 inch)
Weight 22.0Kg (48.5 lbs)
Junction Box (Safety Rating, Bypass Diodes)
Positive Cable (Length, Cable Cross-Section)
Negative Cable (Length, Cable Cross-Section)
Plug Connector (Type, Safety)
Front Cover (Thickness,Material)
Backsheet Cover (Color, Thickness, Material)
Encapsulation Materials
Frame Material
Operation Conditions
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) 45.0ºC
Operating Temperature -40.0ºC to 85.0ºC
Maximum Load
Hail Storm Rating
Fire Safety Rating
Warranty & Certification
  • UL 1703
  • CE Europe
  • CEC California
  • IEC 61215 Ed.2
  • IEC 61730 Ed.2
Defects & Workmanship Warranty Period 5.0 Years
90% Power Output Warranty Period 10.0 Years
80% Power Output Warranty Period 25.0 Years
Are Warranties Insured By Third Party False
Number of Panels per Box 34
Box Gross Size(mm)
Box Gross Weight
Boxes per Pallet
Pallet Gross Size(mm)
Pallet Gross Weight
Shipping Loading (20GP)
Shipping Loading (40GP) 13
Shipping Loading (40HQ)