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Solar Pump Station

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CAREarth supplies all-in-one intelligent solar pump stations, suitable for both residential and commercial applications. Advanced functionality and user-friendly operation of our solar pump stations provides the flexibility to configure solar heating systems to meet different requirements, including water heating, space heating, pool heating and spa heating.
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Features and Benefits

  • Pump, controller, safety valve, air-scoop etc. all in one unit, no other components between collector and solar tank required
  • 3-speed pump for flow rate adjustment
  • Programmable functions supporting up to 8 system configurations for different applications, such as water heating, space heating, pool/spa heating
  • Time controlled auxiliary heating
  • Real time digital display of flow rate and temperatures, easy for monitoring
  • wall mount for easy installation
  • Plug-in connectors for sensor input cables and power output cables, no case opening required for electrical wiring, designed to save installation time