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Picture of SIDITE SS-M1 solar hot water system with one heat exchanger

SIDITE SS-M1 solar hot water system with one heat exchanger

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SIDITE SS-M1 solar water system is an complete, active closed-loop solar heating system with one in-tank heat-exchanger. It includes everything you need to start saving money with solar hot water heating.

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SIDITE SS-M1 solar water system operates as an active closed-loop system which can be filled with anti-freezing, non-toxic polypropylene glycol. The water is indirectly heated by one heat-exchanger (copper coil) inside the solar storage tank, while a pump with controller circulates the anti-freezing heat transfer fluid between collector and storage tank. An electric heating booster is built into the storage tank as the "back-up" in case that solar energy is insufficient. An expansion tank is designed to control the circulation loop pressure and help reduce energy consumption of circulating operations. The piping between the main components can be carefully insulated for high temperature resistance. The anti-freezing heat pipes make the system operate in wide temperature range of -35°C - 300°C, best suitable for all climate conditions, such as northern latitude climates. It is the perfect hot water option for any household of 2-6 people.

Each system comes with the primary components required for installation. It is our goal to keep our product cost low enough in order to ensure that we are making renewable energy products more affordable. All systems have been tested under the high quality standards for the longevity of your investment.


  • Weight: ?? lbs
  • Solar Storage Tank Installation Space: ??
  • Solar Collector  Installation Space:  ??
  • Packaging: Ships via freight on a pallet: GW ??: Gross Volume: ??
  • Installation: 3-4 days
  • Warranty: 5 year for solar storage tank, 5 year pump and controller, 1 year on balance of system components, 10 year limited on evacuated tubes
  • Fitting: 1" NPT (Collector), 3/4" NPT (Tank)


  • SIDITE heat pipe evacuated tube solar collector
  • Adjustable tilt mounting hardware
  • One solar hot water storage tank with 1 internal heat exchanger
  • One Wilo circulating pump
  • One Varem Expansion tank
  • One Differential controller
  • A set of pump flanges
  • A set of 2 temperature sensors
  • Installation instructions

How to Install

The customer should also understand how to:

  • Sweat copper pipes or pex piping
  • Read pumping schematics
  • Wire electric pumps
  • Determine if a roof is capable of supporting the additional weight of the collectors (typically not a problem)

How to Size your Solar Hot Water System:

On average, a home requires approximately 20 gallons of hot water per day per person. Using this figure, you can calculate which size prepackaged system is suitable for your heating requirements.