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Picture of Enphase D380-72-2LL-S12 TwinPack MC4 380W Micro Inverter

Enphase D380-72-2LL-S12 TwinPack MC4 380W Micro Inverter

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Enphase Micro Inverter EN-D380-72-2LL-S12-NA TwinPack, MC4, MPPT
Maximum Output Power: 380 Watts (190 Watts per Inverter)
Voltage: 208Vac & 240Vac
Connector Type: MC4
Two Canadian Solar 230 panels per inverter meets Ontario Fit and MicroFIT Requirements

The D380 TwinPack Microinverter is comprised of two Enphase Microinverters in a single enclosure and an innovative cabling system, further reducing Balance-of-System costs and installation time. The new design offers a black anodized housing which improves aesthetics and allows for better thermal dissipation. The D380 TwinPack is optimized for Commercial but is applicable to both Commercial and Residential installations.

Enphase D380 Features

 - Accommodates two solar panels with separate MPPT tracking
 - 33% fewer connections and junction boxes
 - Reduces installation time by 50%
 - Accommodates two different but compatible modules on the same D380
 - The D380 inverter can operate with a single module, if needed
 - Each Module can be oriented in different directions
- Reduced fire risk
 - The M190 and D380 can be used in the same installation. However, they have to be on separate branch circuits.

Twice the Power at Half the Labor!

The D380 maintains the benefits of the award-winning Enphase Microinverter but gives you twice the power at half the labor through the two-in-one design. Balance-of-System costs and reduced installation time are realized via a 50% reduction in the number of microinverter units, and 33% fewer connections and junction boxes.

New Cabling System - D380 Cable

The D380 reduces installation time by introducing an innovative trunk and drop cabling system. In addition, the 12 AWG trunk cable increases current capacity, and allows for 20A branch circuits. This means that you can have more modules per branch circuit:

    * 240v: 20 modules (10 TwinPacks)
    * 208v: 30 modules (15 TwinPacks)

About the Enphase Micro Inverter System:

Enphase Energy presents the first commercially available Micro-Inverter system for residential and commercial solar PV applications. The Enphase Micro-Inverter system utilizes advanced technologies to maximize energy harvest, increase system reliability and dramatically simplify design, installation and management.

The Enphase Micro-inverter shifts DC to AC conversion from a large, centralized inverter to a compact unit attached directly to each solar module in the power system. Distributing the conversion process to each module makes the entire solar power system more productive, reliable, and smarter than traditional inverter systems.


  • Maximum energy production
  • Resilient to dust, debris, and shading
  • Performance monitoring per module


  • MTBF of 331 years
  • System availability greater than 99.8%
  • No single point of failure


  • Quick & simple design, installation and management
  • 24/7 monitoring and analysis