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Picture of ENP Sonne High Quality 180Watt 24V Monocrystalline Panel in Pallet

ENP Sonne High Quality 180Watt 24V Monocrystalline Panel in Pallet

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Strict quality control in manufacturing and proven module components from worldwide well-known manufacturers make this reliable, high-quality, cost-effective product for all residential and commercial projects. CE, TUV & UL certified, €1.53 EUR/W

The price is FOB Shanghai, China. One pallet has 4140W with 23 Panels. You will be contacted shortly with a shipping freight quote before you are charged.

Sale Price $8,073.00 (USD)

The panel delivers top-quality performance and is aimed at residential and commercial photovoltaic applications. The module has superb durability to withstand rigorous operating conditions. It is made of high efficiency mono-crystalline silicon solar cells. Every cell is tested and electronically matched to maximize output. The modules are manufactured in ISO 9001 certified facilities according to the strict requirements of international and U.S. quality standards. The major critical components, including solar cells, polymeric materials, junction boxes, connectors and connecting cables are all selected from worldwide well-known manufacturers.

Electrical Characteristics
STC Power Rating Pmp (W) 180
PTC Power Rating Pmpp (W) 161.0
PTC/STC Power Ratio 89.4%
Open Circuit Voltage Voc (V) 44.6
Short Circuit Current Isc (A) 5.38
Voltage at Maximim Power Vmp (V) 35.8
Current at Maximim Power Imp (A) 5.03
Panel Efficiency 14.1%
Fill Factor 75.0%
Power Tolerance -3.00% ~ 3.00%
Maximum System Voltage Vmax (V) 1000
Maximum Series Fuse Rating (A) 15
Temperature Coefficients
Temperature Coefficiency of Isc 0.030 %/ºC
Temperature Coefficiency of Voc -0.34 %/ºC
Temperature Coefficiency of Pmp -0.48 %/ºC
Mechanical Characteristics
Cell Type Monocrystalline Cell
Cell Size(mm) 125 × 125
Cells 6 × 12
Dimensions 1580.0 × 808.0 × 35.0mm (31.8 × 62.2 × 1.4 inch)
Weight 15.4Kg (34.0 lbs)
Junction Box (Safety Rating, Bypass Diodes) Tyco SOLARLOK Junction Box 1740971-1, 3 Diodes ( Diotec SL1515)
Positive Cable (Length, Cable Cross-Section) Tyco Cable, 1000mm, 4mm (12AWG)
Negative Cable (Length, Cable Cross-Section) Tyco Cable, 1000mm, 4mm (12AWG)
Plug Connector (Type, Safety) MC4 Locking Connectors, IP67
Front Cover (Thickness,Material) 3.2mm Tempered glass from Saint Gobain
Backsheet Cover (Color, Thickness, Material) White, TPT ISolvolta3489 (Dupont cast film 0.32mm) or Kremplel PTL1000
Encapsulation Materials Bridgestone EVAS11, Dow Corning 7071 Silicone
Frame Material Anodized aluminium alloy AA 6063-T5
Operation Conditions
Nominal Operating Cell Temperature (NOCT) 45.0ºC
Operating Temperature -40.0ºC to 90.0ºC
Maximum Load 6400
Hail Storm Rating 1.04kg (2.3lbs) Steel Ball dropping in 1 meter (3.3 fts)
Fire Safety Rating Class C
Warranty & Certification
  • UL 1703
  • CE Europe
  • CEC California
  • IEC 61215 Ed.2
  • IEC 61730 Ed.2
Defects & Workmanship Warranty Period 5.0 Years
90% Power Output Warranty Period 12.0 Years
80% Power Output Warranty Period 25.0 Years
Are Warranties Insured By Third Party False
Number of Panels per Box 23
Box Gross Size(mm) 1633×861×1200
Box Gross Weight 360.0Kg (793.7 lbs)
Boxes per Pallet 1
Pallet Gross Size(mm) 1633×861×1200
Pallet Gross Weight 360.0Kg (793.7 lbs)
Shipping Loading (20GP)
Shipping Loading (40GP) 28
Shipping Loading (40HQ)