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Picture of CSG PVTech CSG230M2-30 230W Solar Panels in Box

CSG PVTech CSG230M2-30 230W Solar Panels in Box

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CSG PVTech CSG230M2-30 230W Polycrystalline Panel Box has 2 panels, 36 panels per pallet, 460 total watts per box, priced at $2.05/W

The product will be shipped directly from West coast warehouse to US and Canadian customers . One packaging box has 460W with 2 Panels. 1 Pallets has 18 boxes.

Sale Price $943.00 (USD)
Solar cells: CSG's technology yield improvements to cells texturing,BSF structure and anti-reflective coating to increase conversion efficiency.
Solar glass: The module provides more field power output through an advanced CSG solar glass which transparence can reach 92%.
Module frame: Unique design on drainage holes and rigid construction prevents frame from deforming or breaking due to freezing weather and other forces.
Tedlar surface: The improved gloss of the Tedlar surface effects an especially reflection to the solar radiation to increase conversion and moisture.
Solar module: High conversion efficiency, high reliability with guaranteed -3% to +5% power output tolerance,attractive appearance, withstands high wind-pressure and snow load and extreme temperature variations and easy to install.
Quality Certificates:
TUV Certificate   IEC61215; IEC61730
UL Certificate     UL1703
ISO Certificate    ISO9001-2000