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Perforated Screen - High Strength, Light Weight

Perforated Screen or perforated metal screen is manufactured from metal sheets or coils. We can supply perforated screen either fully perforated or with margins. It is widely used in both household and commercial sector for ventilation, screens, decoration, diffusers, guards and protection. Made in a variety of designs, dimensions and materials, our perforated screen can satisfy different customers' needs.

Perforated screens with different hole patterns: round, hex and slotted.

Different hole patterns of perforated screens available.


  • High quality material offers high tensile strength.
  • Attractive design and accurate production.
  • Lightweight for easy installation and transportation.
  • Flat and smooth surface.
  • Fine finishing and corrosion resistance.
  • Different materials, sizes and designs available.
  • Long service life.


  • Name: perforated screen or perforated metal screen.
  • Material: stainless steel, pre-galvanized steel, copper, brass, aluminum.
  • Hole Pattern: round, square, rectangular, slotted, decorative.
  • Screen Shape: in roll or in plate.
  • Hole Diameter: 0.8mm to 10mm.
  • Thickness: 0.2mm to 10mm.
  • Surface Treatment: galvanized and PE/PVC coated.
  • Color: The screen can be painted in different colors as required.

We can also produce perforated screens according the customer's design.

Five rolls of perforated screens with round and square hole.

Perforated screens can be coiled in rolls.

Three pieces of galvanized perforated screens with round hole.

Perforated screens can be made to plates.

Perforated screen is extensively used in the architectural, engineering, building, agricultural, food processing and mining industries.

  • Widely used as security screen in windows and doors.
  • Used in architectural decorative ceilings, facades, panels, etc.
  • Commonly used in computer cabinets.
  • Used in furniture industry such as making chairs and table tops.
  • Used in agriculture and food machines.
  • Vibrating screen for the coal and other minerals.
Perforated screen is installed on the wall and two lounge chair and a round stool is on the ground.

Perforated screen can be used as architectural decorative facades.

Two chairs are made of aluminum perforated screen and the arms of the chair is made of galvanized plate.

Perforated screen is usually seen in the public furniture.

Leading Company in the Field of Perforated Plate

Shandong Xingying International Trading Co., Ltd., founded in 1994, is one of the largest manufacturers and suppliers of perforated plate in China. We have been manufacturing and exporting various kinds of perforated plates and their related produc