Posted: Tuesday, July 21, 2015 4:23 AM


What is the application scope of wood shavings pellet machine?

A. Granulation of crude fiber, such as: rice husk, cotton stalk and other crop stalks;

B. Granulation of forestry wastes, such as: wood chips, sawdust, firewood, wood shavings, scrap wood, etc.;

C. Granulation of household refuse, plant waste, and materials with low bonding rate and difficult to pellet;

D. Granulation of flammable municipal solid waste, coal and other substances;

E. Cryogenic granulation of manure, bio-fertilizer, organic fertilizer, fertilizer and so on

Prospects of wood shavings pellet mill:

Biomass pellet fuel is a kind of efficient, clean, renewable energy and the ideal alternative fuel of kerosene, which can not only save energy but also reduce emissions, with good economic and social benefits. The annual utilization rate of biomass solid fuel has reached 100 million tons in 2010 in our country, and it is expected that the annual utilization rate of biomass solid fuel will reach 50 million tons in 2020. Therefore, wood shavings pellet mill will be widely used in all over the world in future.

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