Posted: Friday, October 21, 2016 4:52 AM

 Crushing machines are the backbones of mining work. Crushing work has high demands toward the wear-resistant performance of stone crusher machines. The wear resistance of stone crusher can directly influence the service life and crushing capacity. What factors can influence the wear resistance of accessories in stone crusher plant?

stone crusher plant

The first factor is the quality itself and this is the most fundamental. If accessories have poor quality, they will be rapidly worn out. No matter how you protect them, poor quality can not bear the suffering of time. Stone hardness can influence the wear resistance of accessories. Harder the stones are, more difficult the work is.

For stones like river gravel, granite and basalt, they can seriously wear the accessories. Therefore, when we select the accessories, we should consider the hardness of applied materials. The size of finished products can also influence the service life of accessories. Finer the size of finished products are, many times that accessories will be worn.

How to maintain the accessories? Maintenance work is important, since it can directly influence the service life of whole crusher. During the working process, as long as we often check, often maintain, the machine will have a longer time to serve. Interested in the price of stone crusher machine? Click website to get the price list or email us to get it sent for you!

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