Posted: Tuesday, May 19, 2015 5:20 AM

 Fote Heavy Machinery has been researching a high efficiency briquetting machines. We have established cooperation with many foreign customers, who are satisfied with Fote briquetting machines. Fote briquetting machine has meet production requirement. In order to get more developing opportunities, Fote Heavy Machinery can provide more qualified equipment. We have been researching new production technology independent. We have increased the intensity of coal products, improving the inner structure of the briquetting machine. During the briquetting process, Fote briquetting machines play very important role. The improved briquette machine has affected the briquetting effect.

briquette machines

We adopt new multi-modular device, overcoming traditional uneven briquetting effect. Production effect has been improved greatly. Fote briquetting machines have been approved by many foreign customers, winning good development opportunity. Fote Heavy Machinery is a large enterprise, which can produce briquetting machines and coal briquette machine. As an industry model, Fote Heavy Machinery has been producing the briquetting machines for many years. Our company is featured with superb design, qualified materials, superb technology, precision machining, strict assembling, high sense responsibility. We have designed new briquetting machines to briquet coke, coal and gangue. Fote Heavy Machinery has been reforming the briquette machine in accordance with customers’ actual situation. Fote briquette machines feature energy saving, environmental protection, according to circular economy and sustainable development.

With adjustable engine revolution and screw feed device, Fote briquetting machine is mainly used to briquet hard forming materials. Firstly, a large amount of discharged dry powder will pollute the environment. Fote briquette machines can solve the environmental problem and resource constraints. If you have any special requirements for the briquette machines, we can provide you a personalized design. We will give you an answer as soon as possible.

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