Posted: Sunday, April 5, 2015 10:24 PM

 After many years of use and improvement, Fote briquette press machine has been an ideal core equipment in the briquetting plant. Compared to congeneric Product, Fote briquette press machine features high balling rate and low consumption. In order to satisfy mould requirements, we adopt electromagnetism governing-speed motors, and the speed adjustment mode is manual mode. The customers can change the speed rate to realize high balling rate and output, in accordance with your real situation. 

briquette press machine

Fote briquette press machine has entered the international market, exported to Japan, Europe, America and other countries, forming processing and trading integration development new situation. We have advanced scientific management mode and qualified equipments, which has been popular in the international market. Satisfied the customers’ requirements has always been our apparent direction and the target.

We have analysed the pollution indicators of briquette press machine in accordance with commercial test. In order to develop the briquetting plant, we have made so many experiences and practical applications, then we can adjust technical parameters appropriately. After countless technical breakthroughs, Fote has received recognition and praise from customers.

We analyze the applicability of briquette press machine in accordance with evaluation of the users and pollution monitoring results. Firstly, we analyze raw coal and other materials. Secondly, we researched the pottery kiln to make sure the constraint condition of combustion. After over ten years of diligent designing and product improvement, the Fote briquette press machine produced by our company has been awarded as Quality standards, Assured brand in 2001.

Roller part adopts high quality alloy steel material, which can improve wear resistance and compression capacity. If you are interested in our briquette press machine, please contact us. we will give you an answer as soon as possible.