Posted: Friday, April 3, 2015 4:39 AM

 In the process of making wood pellets, energy saving has been an important factor. In order to realize the energy saving, we can take action from two parts: power part and heating part. Now, we will introduce you about the power section.

making wood pellets

Power section of wood pellet machine: frequency converter is installed in every Fote pellet machine, then we can save residual energy of the electrical machine. For example, actual power of the electrical machine is 50HZ, but 30HZ is enough for the actual production. So frequency converter can change the residual energy into useful energy to realize energy saving. Making wood pellet will be more and more popular at home and abroad.

In recent years, we have been making continuous progress in every factor. In pellets industry, we have got some achievements, which is closely related with the pellet machine. As the most important equipment, the progress of pelletizing machine is significant guarantee for the development of biomass energy. In recent years, China has been advocating environmentally friendly society. As a result, making wood pellets has been popular in domestic market. The government has banned many cement plants and heavy industries to decrease environmental pollution. At the same time, environmental friendly is a hot topic in many countries, Fote wood pellet machine has been popular in foreign countries.

The development and utilization of renewable energy sources has received more and more attention. As the clean energy, biomass energy has been the forth energy after coal, oil and natural gas. Fote pellet machine plays an important role in the production of making wood pellets. If you are interested in our wood pellet machine please contact us.