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Rice straw pellet mill is a new type energy device that is professionally used for rice straw particle pelleting. It is developed by introducing German technology. Its die owns up and down two parts, therefore, it can produce particle finished products of two different specifications by choosing two different bore diameters. The pinch roller pf the rice straw pellet mill uses cone, which reduces the dislocation friction of the wheel and die, and decreases the kinetic energy loss. Besides, this device adopts screw center pressure regulating structure, of which the die interval can be adjusted to be suitable for different material, thus guaranteeing the suppress effect. The rice straw pellet mills produced by Henan Fote Heavy Machinery Co.,Ltd., pass through the country patent, satisfy customer’s different requirements, and bring maximum economic benefit for you.



Rice straw pellet mill is of unique structure, big pressure, small energy consumption and high efficiency, therefore, this product takes up the market all over the country quickly. It has a wide investing prospect.

Straw pellet mill can process the crop straws into biomass pellets,and people can use the made pellets as fuel for heating and cooking. The market of straw pellet mill is expanding quickly now,there are many factors contribute to this phenomenon. We are big agricultural country in the world.There are many kinds and quantity of crops in China.straws are the major biomass resources.There are a large number of agricultural and forestry residues can be effectively used every year. It can not only effectively use the remaining resources,but also can protect our environment which we live.



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Compared with original straw materials, after pelletizing, the calorific value is greatly improved, about 18-19 MJ/kg and the ash content is reduced to about 3%. What’s more, straw pellets are carbon-neutral and while burning, they just return the CO2 absorbed during their growth. Which means the burning of straw pellets does not generate extra CO2 pollution.

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