Posted: Tuesday, July 5, 2016 3:28 AM

                                                                                       Baby Bibs

How Many baby bibs do you need? We interview some experience mom, and below are their answers;

Mom A; It seems extreme right now, but, you will go through them. My little one spit up way more than I ever expected. (One is usually done for after one feeding, so imagine how many you would use in a day!) I used the newborn ones for about three months and then started to move up to the the bigger ones. They get stained pretty easily, and I had pretty ones that I only used if we were going out. I would definitely hang onto them!  I moved onto the plastic bibs after about 9 months. She's 2 now, and I still use the plastic ones to keep her clothes somewhat stain free!


Mom B; I have a bunch too and thought it was wayy too many..and yes diff. sizes, some just go with "outfits" and are kind of use less..the bigger ones are great--esp when they start solids, I go through the whole bib just off a few spoonfuls of solids at lunch time haha, and we need a bib for when we have cereal and dinner cereal, in between bottles. I don't really use bibs just because she drools, I have so many clothes that if it gets too much I just change her..she doesn't like having a bib on, she's 6 months, always tries and pulls them off lol.


Mom C;I had around 10-15 for my son and that was plenty. If you have the burp rags, you don't really need the tiny newborn ones. I only started using bibs around 4 months when my son went to solid foods. How many you need mostly depends on how often you do laundry. I did laundry once a week or so and that many did just fine.


Mom D; my baby is four months old, and is a drool monster - we go through a bib an hour to keep her clothes dry! you will want to have lots! 
lol, I love the thumbs down! I'm sorry, I wasn't aware you knew how to raise my baby! Nor was I aware that people should have opinions on how many bibs I use! 
if we don't change her bib, her clothes get soaking wet within an hour! I have lots of friends whose babies are the same age, and are the same are the same way! 
We do laundry every 1-3 days, and we're always searching for a bib!


Mom E; Well honestly every baby is different. My daughter spit up a lot. so we went through about 3 bibs a day. She is now teething and drooling a lot so we have one on her at all times. It just depends on what your baby does, if it doesn't spit up then you should be fine, until teething time comes around. I have about 50 for my daughter and still using them at 8 months old. I also have burp clothes, those come in handy for burping, you can also use bibs.