Posted: Sunday, December 21, 2014 9:30 PM

 Biomass pellet making technology is a basic technology which takes advantage of biomass energy. It improves the combustion characteristics of biomass fuel and enhances the biomass fuel efficiency. Biomass energy is the only renewable energy which come from the sunshine directly and can be store and transport simply. Comparing with traditional fossil fuel, biomass fuel has the advantages of wide distribution, large quantities, reproducible and so on. Biomass pellet mill can process the peanut shell, bagasse, castor bean shell, straw, sawdust, rice husk, sunflower seed shell, coffee slag, cotton stalks, tobacco residue, and so on. Biomass pellet mill can be divided into ring die biomass pellet mill and flat die biomass pellet press machine.

Biomass Pellet Mill

Along with the promotion of environment protection and fuel reduction, developing biomass energy is of great significance for environment protection. For example, in rural area, corps straw and animal wastes which are not processed are pollutants, after processing by biomass pellet mill. It becomes another kind of energy, which not only resolves the problem of air pollution but also an additional energy. It’s a win-win solution. As the comprehensive management of energy and environment in our country, biomass pellet stoves are installed in the luxury villa of large and medium-sized cities and housing. In the near future, this convenient, energy saving and non-pollution green fuel is becoming commodities which are short in supply in supermarket and multiple shop.

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Biomass pellet mill can be divided into ring die biomass pellet mill and flat die biomass pellet press machine.: