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San Francisco based SRECTrade, Inc. was founded by graduate students at Stanford University in late 2007. The company first focused on solar technology applications, but soon shifted their attention to Solar Renewable Energy Certificates (SRECs). The first SREC program was started in New Jersey in 2005 and it represented a shift away from fixed subsidy programs, such as the feed-in tariffs popular in Europe, towards a market-based approach for encouraging solar development. The post-installation sale of SRECs has become a key component to the economics driving solar in several of the leading U.S. states. SRECTrade plays a key role in the success of the SREC programs by establishing SREC markets and educating stakeholders. As more states turn their attention to developing renewable energy, SRECs figure to play a prominent role in achieving these goals. At the core of SRECTrade's service is a turnkey solution for managing the creation and sale of the SRECs produced by solar facilities. SRECTrade also provides innovative solutions to help businesses, individuals, installation firms and investors make the leap towards a solar future.

EasyREC: A Different Approach to SREC Aggregation

Why we're different:

In contrast to other aggregation services, SRECTrade provides our clients with the information they need to get the best prices for their SRECs. We do not buy SRECs from our customers and we do not profit from markups or hidden price spreads. Our approach is to partner with our clients, educate them and help facilitate their transactions. Our revenues are percentage based, so we want to get our customers the best price.

About the service:

SRECTrade aspires to take a daunting process and make it as customer-friendly as possible. Since the entire SREC process can be tedious, SRECTrade has created a hands-free service called EasyREC. Once enrolled in EasyREC, SRECTrade will submit your application for state certification, set up your SREC tracking account, automatically check your account for SRECs every month and place your SRECs for sale. You set the minimum price at enrollment and you can change it or opt-out of the service at anytime. Here's how it works:

  1. Enroll in EasyREC by faxing the forms below to us at (732) 453-0065
  2. Submit your meter readings to us at the beginning of each month (if necessary)
  3. SRECTrade checks your account for SRECs prior to each auction
  4. After the auction, SRECTrade sends a check for all successful transactions
  5. This process is repeated every month

For Example:

Let's say you generate 1 SREC a month and offer a minimum price of $500. If in January, the price is $500, then your SREC is sold and we send you a check for $500 less the service fee. If in February, March, April and May, the clearing price is below $500, then your 4 SRECs are held onto until June. If the clearing price is $600 in June, your 5 SRECs are sold for a total of $3,000 and we send you a check less fees. If at any point you want to sell your SRECs outside our auction, you can notify us and we will be sure not to bid that month. Read what our customers have to say on our Testimonials page!

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