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Shenzhen QF Solar Cell S&T Co., LTD is a high-tech company of specializing in researching, manufacturing and supplying A-Si solar cell, the relative production line equipment and BIPV. We are one of the earliest enterprises to engage in A-Si solar cell industry in Shenzhen city. Our products are as follows: A-Si solar modules, indoor/outdoor A-Si solar cells, heterotypic and transparent window type solar panel, application solar products and constructive type A-Si solar panel, etc.

   The cost of the crystalline silicon solar cells is increasing as the price of silicon material is growing year by year. Because of abundant sources for raw materials and low cost, it is easy to produce the thin-film solar cells on a large scale. Among those products, the A-Si thin-film solar cells with grass as the substrate are with the greatest potential. The research units, business community and governments are paid more attention to the A-Si solar cell, which have achieved rapid development. Nowadays, it has set up a three-way struggle situation among the A-Si, polycrystalline and mono crystalline silicon.

the advantage of A-Si thin-film solar cell:

1、Compared with the polycrystalline and mono crystalline silicon, the A-Si has the advantage of low cost, producing on a large scale.

   ● Calculated  in the consumption of silicon material,if we use crystalline silicon solar cell,10-12 tons of silicon is needed to generate one million watts.While the thin-film A-Si solar cell could generate over 200 milion watts with the same amount of silicon.The resource recycle time of A-Si is only 1-1.5 years.

   ● The production process of A-Si solar cell is as follows: by electric glow discharge method, use the silane gas to deposit one layer of thin film on the substrate of the grass. Then use the laser cutting tech. the whole process and technology are simple, so it is easy to manufacture on a large scale and promote.

2、 A-Si thin-film solar cell has stronger response in  low light

   ● A-Si thin-film solar cell could output the power stably in low-light conditions, like in the morning, nightfall or cloudy day, to meet the demand for regular supply of rain days. High rate of acceptance of scattered light made the A-Si solar cell apply various regions

3、In the same environmental conditions, A-Si solar cell has a lower temperature coefficient and excellent volt-ampere characteristics, so that it can perform more excellently.

   ● When the working condition is 25℃ higher than the standard test temperature, the output efficiency of solar cells will be low down. The A-Si solar cells have much smaller effect by temperature than the crystalline silicon solar cells.
   ●In the same condition, the total annual power generation of A-Si solar cells is 8% higher than that of mono crystalline solar cells, and 13% higher than that of poly crystalline solar cells.


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