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We offer Highly Professional Consultancy Services to Customers willing to acquire a Reliable and Productive Photovoltaic Power Generation System. We Design, Supply and Install Customized PV Power Generation Systems in Grid-Tied and Off-Grid Applications for Residential, Commercial and Industrial Customers. Our PV Power Systems are built exclusively with Premium Quality Solar Photovoltaic Panels and Inverter brands like Outback, Fronius, Victronenergy, MorningStar and other Power Conversion Units of equal standards and product class. As from August 2012, we are the Exclusive Distributor of "Senersun" Premium PV Panels on the Mauritian market. Our services include Site Survey and Assessment of Energy Needs, Engineering Consultancy, Project Development, Construction of Integrated PV Roofing-Power Generation Systems and Ground Mounted or Flat & Pitched Roof Mounted PV Power Systems. In contrast with the competition, we firmly stand by our promises and we expertly advise and guide Customers, in daylight transparency and with integrity, all throughout the process of acquiring a clean and renewable energy generation system that meets his/her expectations and objectives. Our extended customer support services also include negotiating with utilities for Power Purchase Agreements and with Financial Institutions for Green Loans to finance renewable energy projects. We operate mainly on the Mauritian market but we also welcome projects in Africa and Indian Ocean Islands. Solar businesses in Africa and elsewhere can also contact us for supply or consultancy services or for any kind of collaboration they may be sourcing for.
At Eco-EnergyTech, we do not believe that acquiring a Renewable Energy Generation System is a quick-fit solution which a Customer can simply select on a pick-n-buy shelve. In contrast, we believe it is always a Customized and Built-for-purpose solution designed and built for the specific energy need and objective of each individual Customer.

This is one area where and how we significantly differ from other suppliers and this difference can be but a marked advantage for the Customer.This approach ensures that the Customer gets the best out of the investment, enjoys energy security and independence and gets the best and fastest possible return on the investment.

Besides unique design for specific energy needs, the next area of meaningful importance is that, at all levels, there should be no trade-offs on component inputs quality. Ignoring this particular parameter inevitably leads to disaster. On our side, we make sure that you get the best state-of-art products the industry offers, intelligently assembled and installed into a highly productive and reliable power generation system.

There is no magic to it. We simply source and choose the best input components available to design and build your power systems. We use exclusively  "Senersun"  Solar Photovoltaic Panels, recently classified as the world's most reliable PV panel by STS-Certified. "Senersun" range of solar panels is the best option in relation to production efficiency in real life conditions (+3% Power Tolerance) and the industry's never-achieved-before leading linear 97%/25 year Warranteed Power Output Efficiency. And the icing on the cake, "Senersun"  products are affordable and very competitively priced compared to other brands of the near equivalent class.

Harnessing maximum solar energy by "Senersun" panels also requires that the energy be adequately and efficiently further converted and processed. For this purpose, we  use top quality USA/European made CPU components like Outback, Xantrex, MorningStar, Fronius and Victronenergy.

For Off-grid applications where effective energy storage is of paramount importance, we offer a panoply of options including Deka and Trojan Deep Cycle Solar Batteries and also Prudent Flow Battery System.

We believe that by adopting a customer-centered approach coupled with high level design principles and top quality products, we have the capacity not only to effectively deliver what others simply promise, but also to expertly  advise and accompany an investor all throughout the process of acquiring and operating a clean renewable energy generation system. We do our job with high level ethics and integrity and in sunlight transparency.

Latest News

Since August 2012, we have been appointed as the Exclusive Distributor of "Senersun" PV Panels on the Mauritian market. The objectives are to further improve the quality of our own solar system projects and also to share this high quality products with local installers and related businesses. Inquiries from  African businesses and end-users are also welcome.

Innovative Energy Films (Made in USA)

Energy Films is a cost-effective way of achieving huge energy savings on air conditioning. The application of these thin clear or tinted films on windows blocks solar heat in summer and retains indoor heat in winter. The tinted version does the same function and also controls the glare of sunlight entering through windows. Easily and quickly applied, it is an ideal solution for residential, commercial and industrial buildings.
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