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Address:    28411 Racetrack Rd., Bonita Springs, Florida 34135, USA
Telephone Number:    877-273-5730
Facsimile Number:     239-949-9211
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Services:   Consulting, Power Purchase Agreements, Auditing & Inspections
Products:   Alternative Power Systems, Geothermal Energy, Hydro Energy, Solar Energy, Wind Energy
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We are a full service Energy Consultation company. We offer options in lighting, HVAC, Geothermal, auditing and renewable energy. We provide 100% financing on our projects with no capital outlay. Payments for services are made in our savings that are guaranteed.

Quantum Energy Services is an overhead reduction specialist with more than 40 years

combined experience in energy, water, wastewater and automation. Quantum Energy

Services provides the strategy and solutions that make facilities more efficient and

businesses more cost-effective. We offer planning, engineering, and implementation

with the financial and operational support clients need for a customized approach to

today’s complex facility issues. Our business model is a true partnership with our clients,

in which we align ourselves with your goals and objectives, thus providing objective

consulting services. 


Our approach lends itself to self-funding opportunities that require no out of pocket

expense from our clients. We start with Commercial Grade Energy Audit that identifies

opportunity for permanent reductions in demand in both Electricity and Natural gas



Once established, our projects offer state-of-the-art design and implementation that

deliver maximum savings through an optimized approach to the end user. We are

challenged by the day opportunities discovered within a client’s facility and thrive on the

development from feasibility to completion. 


With our experience, our company offers much more than your typical energy

conservation company. We are a full service ESCO that operates from the clients’ point

of view developing a myriad of options that meet our clients’ financial threshold. Our

clients realize that our projects are developed within their guidelines. Our projects create

positive cash flow from day 1 and if for whatever reason the client decides not to install

the project, they fully understand that they will pay for the project through the excess

billing of the utility and not see the improvements to their facility. 


We are located in Southern Michigan and work nation wide with our affiliates located in

San Diego, CA- Denver, Co- Orlando, Fl- and Portland, Or-


Staff Experience


We have a combined experience and technical background in design, project

management, marketing, sales, international finance, asset recovery and

decommissioning of over 40 years. 


We have taken projects from feasibility to completion in all areas of design and

implementation. Total Project management values exceed $400,000,000






Engineering / Build



QES performs the analysis, concept engineering, design engineering, and build for each

project. With a proven track record of successful design/build projects we formulate with

existing facility operations in mind. It is developed with the client in order to eliminate

any inconveniences that could occur during the install. There will never be any

interruption of production during the entire process.



Our successful projects have involved the following Energy Conservation Measures

(ECM’s) various systems and equipment, such as:


- Refrigeration

- Energy Management Systems

- Lighting Systems 

- Domestic Hot Water Controls

- Water Conservation Systems

- Boilers

- Electric Motors

- Building Envelope (Doors/Windows)

- Sub Metering



Vendor Neutral


QES is a vendor neutral we will work with any brand manufacturer you like or will

recommend the best brand longevity and warranty on the market.



Monitoring & Verification


Upon completion of the project, we offer electronic measure and verification programs to

help you understand where your savings are occurring and of course prove the ongoing

savings established.









Savings Opportunities and Technologies


Advanced Lighting Systems


By using some of the most advanced technologies available worldwide, we can increase

lighting quantity (Foot Candles) and quality (Color Rendering Index), while reducing

your energy costs.




Use of control systems to direct industrial machinery and processes.


Intelligent HVAC Controls


Computerized systems for climate control in buildings utilizing fuzzy logic to deliver the

maximum savings available. Systems can control locally or remotely from any location in

the country for any number of units.


Refrigeration Design & Controls


Using the same technology or application of technology as with the HVAC our

refrigeration control systems actually think. They learn by gathering data in 30 second

increments then analyzing the data gathered against the information gathered to arrive at

an optimization level that allows the system to hold for a few minutes without panic of

pressure or temperature and deliver savings without compromise.





The Energy Programmable Logic Controller (EPLC™) reduces the electricity

consumption and maximum demand of air conditioning and refrigeration compressors

through enhanced system performance. It works with the existing controls to ensure that

compressors work at maximum efficiency, while maintaining preset temperature levels

and without causing over cycling. It is installed in the control circuitry between the

existing controller and the compressors and/or compressor capacity controllers. Once in

the circuit, the module monitors the rise and fall of the control medium (typically either

pressure or temperature), the demand on the circuit (how many compressors or how much

capacity is called for), and how much time this all takes. Based on this information, the

algorithms within the ESM take over and make decisions about compressor or capacity

controller run times. By removing compressors or capacity at certain times, the suction

pressure or temperature is increased, which results in more effective cooling within the

system and shorter run times. This is done with little or no effect on the controlled space

temperature while maintaining all safety limits for compressor cycling. 





Motor Controls


Include automatic calls for system operations starting and stopping the motor, selecting

rotation, regulating speed or limiting the torque and protecting against overloads and





Use of a heat engine or a power station to simultaneously generate both electricity and

useful heat.


Alternative Energy


Energy derived from resources that are regenerative, such as wind, water, solar energy

and biomass. Make your facility Green


Polarized Refrigerant Oil Additive (PROA)


PROA forms a boundary film on metal parts and provides lubrication while protecting

parts from friction degradation. Increases the efficiency of heat exchange systems and

reduces equipment wear.



We encourage you to spend some time looking over our web site to learn more about our

procedures.  Along with looking over a couple of our

sample audits that we have attached.


Our goal is to think positive, create positive, and be positive in every opportunity we

become involved with. We look forward to a meeting or conference call to see how we

may help each other in the positive difference making.

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