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e are pleased to introduce to you our company and products. Philippine Sanyu Corporation (Phil. Sanyu) is a Japan based company that manufactures and sells LED lights. We would like to recommend our LED lights. May we inform you that our LED lights are tested and proven to be an energy saver, eco-friendly and durable. It is company developed so as to meet the client’s demand when it comes to design, brightness variation and flexibility. So as to keep abreast of the fast development on this industry, we are continuously researching and developing more ideas to keep our products both on the local and overseas market.
This LED fluorescent lamp is a new type energy-saving lamp with a very gentle light, a low power and a long life span. It can be started very quickly without a starter or a ballast. It won't weary your eyes since it causes no stroboscopic effects. It is not only energy efficient, but also very environmentally friendly. Ranked among the key products to be developed of our country's green lighting project, it is the most ideal item to take the place of traditional lights.
Main Components:
LED fluorescent lamp is made of many super-bright and low-powered LED, a highly fluorescent  acrylic cover, aluminum parts for heat ventilation and a power supply.
1. An environmentally-friendly lamp
Traditional lamps contain a lot of mercury vapor inside which once broken, will be evaporated into the atmosphere. However, LED fluorescent lamp contains no mercury or lead, which protective towards the environment.
2. A highly efficient conversion to reduce heating.
Traditional lamps tend to generate a large amount of heat, but LED fluorescent lamp convert electric energy completely into light energy without any waste. Meanwhile, it will cause no fading of color to documents and clothes.
3. Causing no noise
LED fluorescent lamp produces no noise, so it is an optimal choice for places that use precision instruments. It is also suitable for libraries, offices and the like.
4. A gentle light to protect eyesight
Traditional lamps use alternating currents which show 100-120 stroboscopic effects per second. Nevertheless, LED fluorescent lamp produces no such phenomenon in that it converts alternating currents directly into direct currents.
5. No ultraviolet, no mosquito
LED fluorescent lamp will not attract a lot of insects around its light source because it radiated no ultraviolet. As a result, the inside of the room will become very clean and tidy.
6. Energy-saving with a long using duration
The electricity consumption of LED fluorescent lamp measures only 1/3 of that of a traditional lamp, but it can be used for 10 times longer than the traditional one. It fits occasions where it is hard to replace lamps due to its long life span.
7. Firm and reliable
The light body of LED is made of epoxy resin instead of conventional glass; therefore it is very firm and solid so much so that even if it falls onto the floor, it will not be broken easily.
1. Lighting for places including schools, hospital, factories, offices, department stores, office buildings, desk lamps, corridors and staircases.
2. Lighting for city architecture, banks, infrastructure, stadiums, airports, cinemas, industrial facilities and public sanitation venues.
3. Home lighting and decoration, used in sitting rooms, bedrooms, bathrooms, balconies, kitchens, bars, courtyards, private gardens, and used as wall lamps or desk lamps.
4. Lighting in places such as restaurants, hotels, bakeries, delis, bars, cafes, tea rooms, entertainment venues and as decorations for advertisements, exhibitions and shows.
Instructions and notice:
The installation of LED fluorescent lamp is rather simple. There is an inside and an outside power supply. When fixing the inside one, remove the original lamp to make room for this LED lamp and get rid of the ballast and starter at the same time. After that, connect the 110V or 220V-alternating current directly with the two poles of LED lamp. With a specially equipped light shelf for the outside supply, you only need to replace the original one for the installation.
Maintenance and repair
The LED fluorescent lamp can save as much as 80% of energy with an over 10 times' duration for use. As a result, it is virtually free from the need of maintenance or the replacement of tubes, starters, and ballasts. The cost saved over half a year almost equates the fee you pay for purchasing the lamp.

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