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Solar Water Heating System can provide hot water using solar thermal energy for various applications in industrial, commercial and domestic sectors. The collector is kept normally on the roof top preferably facing south. Working Principle: The solar water heating system works on the principle of thermosyphone process and forced circulation. Evacuated tube acts as an absorber in the solar water heater. Each evacuated tube consists of two glass tubes having vacuum in between which is an excellent insulator. The incident solar radiation falling on the tube passes through the outer transparent tube and strikes the outer of inner tube. It absorbs heat energy and then passes to the cold water flowing in the tube. An evacuated tube technology based solar water heating system is most energy efficient and cost effective. Advantages of Solar Water Heating System: • Sunrays remain perpendicular to cylindrical absorber surface of vacuum tubes. It can absorb more energy resulting in more efficiency of the tubes. • Reduction in peak load. • Reduction in rate of global warming. • Negligible scaling of tubes. • Higher efficiency on high temperature. • Less space & more economical. • Long life more than 15 years. • Maintenance Free. • Suitable for air conditioning.

Comparison between Evacuated Tube Collector & Flat Plate Collector:




Evacuated Tube Collector

Flat Plate Collector


Quick heat generation

Slow heat generation


Collector efficiency on higher temperature is high

Collector efficiency on higher temperature is low.


Heat loss in the tubes during the daytime is negligible (evacuated tubes)

Heat loss in the collector & tank during the day-time is high due to convection.


Convection and Convecting losses is low.

Convection and Convecting losses is high.


Emissivity is low.

Emissivity is high.


Satisfactory performance even in extreme cold condition (-18 deg. C)

Freezing of water will take place at high altitude causing damage to the collector.


Temperature range from 60deg. to 120 deg.

Temperature range from 60 deg. to 80 deg.


System hot water tank only is insulated using polyurethane insulation material which does not absorb water or moisture

Collector & tank insulated with glasswool/ rockwool, absorbs moisture & gets wet during monsoons reducing the efficiency of the system


Negligible scaling of tubes which can be cleaned manually (inner tube dia. Is 37mm). Loss of efficiency consequently is minimal

Heavy scaling of the copper/aluminum tubes which cannot be cleaned manually as the bore dia. is 12.50 mm. giving rise to substantial loss in efficiency of the system.


The collector glass tube absorbers being cylindrical the incident sun’s rays on the tubes is at 90 degrees throughout the day. Hence peak heat absorption always.

The collector fins & tubes being flat the incident sun’s rays will be at 90 degrees at noon only for peak absorption


In locations with average availability of solar energy over-sizing of the system glass tube collectors is not required.

Higher system sizing is required to get the desired result. Hence added cost.


Heat exchanger not required

Heat exchanger required


Advanced technology at competitive prices that is System Cost per unit water is low.

Old technology at higher prices


Hot water availability for 350 days in a year.

Hot water availability for 300 days in a year claimed.


System life above 15 years.

System life above 15 years


It is very easy to replace glass tube.

Difficult and expensive to replace glass sheet


Water quality is not effect the system.

Water quality effect the heating system forming scale over metal tube.


It has low maintenance

Its required high maintenance.


Grouting of Collectors not required.

Grouting of collectors are required.

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