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Address:    SAIF Zone, Sharjah 122271, United Arab Emirates
Telephone Number:    +971-6-5489626 / 050-1537113
Facsimile Number:     +971-6-5489627
Email:     Send Email to CONTROL TECHNOLOGIES (CtrlTech)
Business:   Exporters, Wholesale Distributors
Products:   Battery Charger, Industrial Batteries, Lead Acid Batteries, Solar Inverters, UPS Batteries, UPS, Dehumidifer, Voltage stabilizers etc.
Web Site:
We offer following Products: 1) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS): We supply online UPS ranging from 1kVA to 4800kVA. 2) Close Control Unit (CCU): CCU commonly use in Sever room, Datacenter & laboratories for precise control of Humidity & Temperature. It is also known as Computer room Air Conditioner (CRAC) or Precision Air Conditioner (PAC) or close control air conditioner or server room air conditioner for Datacenter cooling. 3) Dehumidifier: We supply all types of dehumidifier or de-humidifier which includes Portable dehumidifier for home, Industrial Dehumidifier or commercial dehumidifier, Swimming pool Dehumidifier, Marine Dehumidifier, and Desiccant Dehumidifier etc. 4) Automatic Voltages Stabilizer or Automatic Voltage regulator (AVR): We supply voltage stabilizer or voltage regulator ranging from 500VA to 100kVA. Servo stabilizer. 5) Battery: We offer VRLA SMF batteries from 7AH to 250AH. We also offer Nickel Cadmium (Ni-Cad) batteries. 6) Water Leak Detection System for server room and Datacenter. Oil leak detection, gas leak detection & Refrigerant leak detection. 7) Static Transfer Switch (STS): 2 pole STS, 3 pole STS, 4 pole STS, Three phase STS & single phase STS. 8) Humidifier. Ultrasonic humidifier. 9) Raised floor. Raised access floor. Raise floor. Access floor. Raised floor system. Access raised floor. Lindner raised floor. Perforated tiles. 10) Environmental Monitoring, Temperature & Humidity sensor for Datacenter and server room. 11) Cables: Data cables, voice cable, instrumentation cable, control cable, fire alarm cable, signal cable, coaxial cable, multi pair cable, LAN cables, UTP cable 12) Frequency converter. Static Frequency converter. 60Hz and 400Hz. 13) Industrial Cooler, Evaporative Cooler, port-a-cool or port a cool, Evaporative Fan, Desert Cooler. Brands: GE, Aerial, Aqualeak, Aquatraq, Ctrltech, RLE, Liebert, LINDNER, Inform, servo-matik, Dantherm, Trotec, NTI, Enviromux, Eaton, APC, Siel, GE, Airedale, ORTEA, Denco, Emicon, Airedale, Bry-air, De'longhi, Ebac, ZT floor, Westinghouse, Frigidaire, Uniflair, port-a-cool, kapsun, , NOVITA, Uniflair, stulz, blue box, Calorex, Fral, General Electric, Emerson, MGE, APC, Socomec, Chloride, Eaton, Powerware

Control Technologies FZE (Ctrltech) is known for Power, Cooling & Monitoring solutions. We design, supply offer Uninterruptible power supply (UPS), Computer Room Air Conditioner (CRAC) or Close Control Unit (CCU) or Precision Air Conditioning, Dehumidifier, Industrial dehumidifier, De-humidifier, Marine Dehumidifier, Humidifier, Battery, Voltage stabilizer, Voltage regulator, Evaporative Air cooler, water leak detection system, leakage detection, Static Transfer switch (STS), Environmental Monitoring, raised flooring, PDUs, Frequency converter etc.

Our Vision:
Control Technologies want to be global total Green Solution & service provider for:

  • Power Supply, Distribution, Protection & Conditioning equipments required between power grid and computer chip.
  • Designing of Data center.
  • Infrastructure building for Tier 4 Data Center which includes Power, cooling & monitoring.

Our Mission:
To provide one-stop green Solution & Services of Power, Cooling & Monitoring for critical application with quality & reliability to achieve high uptime through satisfied, trained work force.

We offer following Products:

 1) Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS).

 2) Battery (SMF, Lead Acid)

 3) Closed Control Unit (CCU) or Computer Room Air conditioner (CRAC) or Precision Air Conditioner.

 4) Dehumidifier. Industrial  Dehumidifier. Marine Dehumidifier. De-humidifier.

 5) Automatic Voltages Stabiliser or Automatic Voltage regulator (AVR)

 6) Load Bank. Industrial Cooler. Central Vacuum System.

 8) Water Leak Detection System, Oil leak detection, gas leak detection & Refrigerant leak detection.

 9) Raised Flooring.

 10) Isolation Transformer.

 11) Static Transfer Switch (STS)

 12) Environmental Monitoring, Temperature & Humidity sensor for Datacenter and server room.

 13) Facility monitoring system (FMS)

 14) Evaporative Air cooler. Industrial Air cooler. Desert cooler.

Brands: GE, Airedale, ORTEA, Liebert, Denco, AERIAL, BRY-AIR, Calorex, YUASA, De'longhi, Ebac, Westinghouse, frigidaire, Uniflair, port-a-cool, kapsun, ELU-KLIMA, BIONAIRE, NOVITA, Uniflair, stulz, blue box, Calorex, General Electric, Emerson, MGE, APC, Socomec, Chloride, Eaton, Powerware, Frigidaire dehumidifier, Frigidaire FD30E Dehumidifier, FD30E Dehumidifier.




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