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Comet Windmills make the largest, most powerful windmill in the world for water pumping - the 30ft wheel diameter windmill. A large range of sizes starting from 8ft to 30ft wheel diameter to suit many applications for deep bores and shallow wells, they are also ideal for moving water many miles from the source. Highly efficient and very low maintenance they have been proven for over 130 years in the harsh Australian Outback. Now also making 4-post towers for wind turbines, tank stands and windmills. Highly experienced professionals with the right advice to design a system to suit your needs.

Its straightforward design the ease of installation and uncomplicated mechanics has made the Australian Comet Windmill a must-have water pumping solution. The Comet Windmill is affordable with very low maintenance costs over its long life of 50 years or more.

With a business that has been around for over 130 years this is a company that is moving forward in the renewable energy industry. Darren Fitzgerald and his family have been making Comet windmills for many years now with no sign of slowing down.

“Windmills are still the main method of pumping water in rural Australia,” says Darren. “They are designed so that not much can go wrong with them, that’s why they are popular in remote areas. They can be fixed on the spot.”


High volumes of water are now in demand and the Comet Windmill is the only known renewable energy product that can deliver at a low cost.

“The cost saving over the life of a windmill in terms of fuel and electricity costs needed for energy driven pumps can really surprise you,” says Darren, “and you don’t have the hassle of high maintenance with solar panels such as keeping them clean, damage from stock or being stolen as so often happens.”


Windmills have a variety of uses and are being used in many applications around the world. Some such examples are for stock, domestic and industrial use; irrigation; eco tourism; educational; recirculation of water in aquaculture; and mine rehabilitation.


The Comet Windmill is made in 12 sizes from 6ft to 30ft wheel diameter. Not only does Comet have the largest range of windmills in the world but they manufacture the largest windmill in the world right here in Australia. Other products include a range of pumps for surface water and bore pumping, galvanized steel tank stands, poly rod borehole systems, windmill spare parts, radio/turbine towers.


“The 8ft, 10ft, 12 and 14ft wheel diameter windmills are the most common size used for domestic and stock water pumping,” says Darren. “This range starts at AUD$6,000 to AUD$13,000 for up to 150,000 litres of water daily. For more water our larger sized windmills are ideal for heavy duty pumping.”


“The Comet Windmill is a direct acting windmill which means the power of the wind works directly onto the pump through the up and down stroke created by the revolution of the wheel,” says Darren. “In addition, the pumping power is increased due to fewer working parts than other windmills. The simple design means there is less power lost and lower wind speeds needed to start pumping.”


Important tips when purchasing a windmill: Make sure the product you are getting is from a reputable dealer or manufacturer. If they have been around for a long time then you know that it must be a good product. Do your research and don’t be fooled by ‘facts’ that are simply not true like the ‘high maintenance’ myth and ‘safety’ issue.


The 4 post lattice style tower is put together as easy as a meccano set. The main head is partly assembled with only the wheel and vane requiring assembling and attaching to the tower with a few bolts.


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