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Betta Batteries Nigeria is a subsidiary of Betta Batteries International which was founded in South Africa to develop niche solar solutions for multinational organisations,business owners and urban/rural commuinties. All our lighting solutions are powered by quality Lead Crystal Batteries,guaranteed to give you value for your money.
A Brief History
Betta Lights, a manufacturer of solar applications, experienced serious operational challenges using deep cycle lead acid batteries in their solar lighting applications due to the exceptionally high temperatures experienced in Africa, resulting in deep cycle batteries not performing long enough to make the solar lighting solutions cost effective.

High maintenance costs due to high failure rates of Deep Cycle Batteries, rendered their solar solutions ineffective and unacceptable for clients with critical installations, hence the search for a new battery technology to solve these challenges.
After the successful evaluation and testing of different battery technologies, Betta Lights engineers standardized all their solar lighting solutions, utilizing lead crystal battery technology.
The Lead Crystal Battery Technology

The lead crystal battery technology consists of lead plates, and an acidic solution of SiO2 as electrolyte. During the initial charge and discharge cycles the electrolyte solidifies and forms a non toxic white crystalline substance. This eventually results in a safe, fluid-less high performance, environmental friendly battery. Lead Crystal Batteries are designed to satisfy the increasing demand for a more powerful, sustainable and greener battery for numerous global industries such as the automotive, telecommunications, electricity, health, transportation and IT industries to mention a few.

Lead Crystal Batteries 
Lead-Acid Batteries are fast becoming unacceptable to the growing number of environmentally aware and technologically advanced communities the world over.  As a result of the Betta Lights’ commitment regarding exhaustive testing,  EGE, the only manufacturer in the world of the lead crystal batteries and holder of the international patents, partnered with Betta Lights and Betta Batteries was formed to exclusively market and sell the lead crystal batteries to the international market. 

Betta Batteries Nigeria Limited is a subsidiary of Betta Batteries International.
Other BBN Products
The Betta 144 Security Light
Betta 144 is a robust external LED flood light to illuminate external areas and perimeters. It can replace grid-powered lighting or be installed as a green fields solution and compares favorably with the lifecycle cost of on-grid solutions. Typical applications are the illumination of security fencing, external areas, parking grounds and garages, walkways, areas not economically serviceable by grid electricity, buildings and billboards.
·The Betta.Life.Light
The Betta.Life.Light takes advantage of the abundance of sun in Africa for communities living without the luxury of electricity. The product is designed for dwellings with an area of 50m² - 70m². The Betta.Life.Light utilizes energy efficient LED lighting elements combined with state of the art Solar Panels and Lead Crystal Batteries.
The lights function up to 25hrs should 5 lights be switched on simultaneously with no available sunlight for whatever reason.

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