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Business:   Manufacturers, Research and Development, sustainable lighting solution based manufacturing
Services:   Design, energy audits, cost segregations, custom manufacturing
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If you own or manage commercial property like parking structures, parking lots, parks, shopping centers, convention centers or hotels and you need to reduce your operating costs, and in the process reduce your impact on the environment then you need ADG ECO Induction Lighting. The experts at ADG ECO Lighting Products have a solution to your lighting dilemma, through Induction Technology, we can make your space brighter while saving you money in operating and maintenance costs. ADG ECO Induction lamps are technologically more advanced than Metal Halide, High Pressure Sodium and Fluorescents and are easy to install or retrofit into existent posts and fixtures. This Energy Star Partnership’s Technology also helps reduce the impact on the environment. Federal Tax incentives are available through the Emergency Economic Stabilization Act of 2008 Induction Lighting Technology: • saves you money in utility and bulb replacement costs • helps you reduce your carbon footprint • increases safety through better visibility • qualifies for rebates, tax deductions and other incentives • ADG ECO can custom manufacture decorative sustainable lighting “It was such a pleasure working with Gerald. During the concept phase, he created beautiful sketches to convey his design ideas. During the manufacturing phase, he found alternative materials to meet our budget. And, during and after the installation phase, he went out of his way to make sure the final pieces were just right.” Deirdre Wallace, Hotelier Ambrose Hotel
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ADG Eco Lighting Products and ADG Eco Lighting Products Consultative business focuses on the utilization of Induction Lighting as one of several vehicles for energy savings within a building’s framework by pulling out the untapped cash flow in that building’s resources. This is done though a modicum of sources; first being that the initial reduction in watts/ energy from the original light’s sources are instantly reduced by 40% to 60% , thus a reduction to the power bill.

Let ADG consult first then procure the appropriate products. We have one of the widest ranges in this market. A simple cash flow option is created by financing the equipment for the induction lighting which is lower than the cost of the monthly energy savings. This is the first part of a tipping of the scales since the cost to finance a project is less than the monthly savings from the project, and then with additional allowances though cost segregations, tax deductions and other modes.

An induction lighting system is viable and significantly more eco-friendly lighting solution that uses innovative technology in a system composed of several different components that work together to combine the principles of induction and gas discharge to deliver over 100,000 hours of clean white light  produces a better quality and more efficient light while increasing net cash flow though potential deductible tax consequence and other tax reduction incentives. (i.e. EPACT,  A.S.H.R.A.E. 90.1 and Tax Act 179)


Our products and collaborative systems are more than induction lights. They are truly a high-income yield from an untapped stream from a massing of square footage need for light - parking, park and recreation, educational, facility management, industrial, commercial, hotel and retail.



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